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House of Light provide a counselling and support service to help you recover from the symptoms associated with perinatal mental health issues such as antenatal or postnatal depression and anxiety and birth trauma.

We deal with different areas of counselling and provide a range of therapies.

Antenatal Depression

Antenatal depression is about feeling depressed during pregnancy, there are many signs and symptoms. Pregnancy is a time of change for a woman, you may find this difficult to manage.

If you feel like you may be suffering from depression, we have a support and counselling service tailored to help you.

Postnatal Depression

After giving birth you may feel overwhelmed, anxious and tearful, this is really common and often referred to as The Baby Blues.

If your feelings persist it could be that you are suffering from Postnatal Depression. At House of Light we can support both you and your partner through this difficult time. 

Obsessive Behaviours & Thoughts (OCD)

Often people who experience intrusive thoughts or obsessive behaviours can be afraid of telling a health professional about it.

Here at House of Light, OCD is something our team of therapists
are very experienced in working with and we provide talking therapies to enable you to explore your experience at your own pace in a confidential space.

Birth Trauma (PTSD)

PTSD is a condition which can be developed after experiencing a traumatic event. This type of trauma can leave you feeling out of control or unsafe.

Our team at House of Light are specifically trained to work with trauma and help you to reduce the emotional distress you are experiencing.

Miscarriage and Baby Loss

Feelings of grief, anxiety and loss are very common and normal responses to losing your baby. 

Here at House of Light we have supported many people through the difficult journey of grief and loss. We provide counselling to support women, men and couples through the devastation of baby loss.


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