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Miscarriage and Baby Loss

You may have experienced one of the following:

  • Stillbirth
  • Neonatal Death
  • Miscarriage
  • Recurrent Death
  • Medical Termination

Here at House of Light we have supported many people through the difficult journey of grief and loss. We provide counselling to support women, men and couples through the devastation of baby loss.

Our team of therapists are very experienced and professionally trained to work with the feelings you may be experiencing and can help you try and process what has happened.

Feelings of grief, anxiety and loss are very common and normal responses to losing your baby. These feelings can some days seem overwhelming and at times leave you feeling lonely or disconnected from those around you. You may feel like life may never be normal again.

Most women would say that the emotional pain is infinitely more difficult to experience than the physical discomfort of pregnancy or giving birth.

You are also still dealing with the hormonal changes after pregnancy and post-natal tears and mood fluctuation are normal. These changes may make your grief even harder to bear in the early weeks and months.

This is where we can help, you can talk to one of our therapists one to one or as a couple and share your feelings and thoughts in a safe, confidential and non-judgemental space.

We will help you to try and make sense of what has happened and guide you through your own unique and personal journey of grief, no one’s journey is the same. Your therapist will work at a pace which is right and comfortable for you, you need to feel safe, to trust and feel ready to process and share your feelings.

You will be offered a number of sessions which you can attend at times which suit you and can be held face to face, online or over the telephone.

Please call us on 01482 580499 and we will guide you through the process of booking your first appointment at House of Light.

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